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Terms And go barter Conditions

  • GOODS AND SERVICES: The GoBarter Group (“GB”) shall use its reasonable efforts to administer trades between Client and other GB Clients. Client agrees to keep GB appraised of what goods and/or services client has available on 100% barter, and to notify GB of any changes or “standby” status. Client understands that certain merchandise may be in demand and that the quantity available to client on barter or otherwise may be limited. Client agrees that GB is a service company whose purpose is to direct Clients to each other for trading and that GB is not responsible for the quality and condition of any barter goods and services. A selling Client (“Seller”) must stand behind its goods and services as with any of its other business transactions, and a buying Client (“Buyer”) acknowledges that its sole remedy for any claim shall be against the selling Client.
  • As GB’s doesn’t imply any service charge for the service ,we are not responsible for any kind of fraudulent activities
  • It’s the Buyer/Seller whole responsibility to check the GENUINTY of the Buyer/Seller
  • RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER CLIENTS: Client shall immediately identify himself/herself as a “Client of The GoBatrer Group” upon initially contacting any other Client for the purpose of buying goods and/or services. Client shall treat any GB Client in the same manner, with the same priority and professionalism, as with any other business customer. All trades with other GB clients must be done through GB.
  • PRICING: All goods and services shall be sold on 100% barter at no more than 100% of Client’s regular prevailing retail prices unless previous written approval is received from GB.
  • APPROVAL FOR TRANSACTION: All transactions must receive prior approval from GB. GB, at its sole discretion, may place a temporary freeze on Client’s account expenditures, including but no limited to, when serious questions arise as to Client’s solvency or credit worthiness, or Client’s violation of GB Terms and Conditions. In no event shall GB be held responsible for any such account freeze.
  • FEES AND BILLING: GB is totally free of service(for time being) , GB is just providing a platform for Sellers and Buyers to meet
  • PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT: This Agreement is between GB and Client only for so long as Client has the same principal and the business is in good standing. It cannot be assigned, transferred, or sold without prior written consent of an officer of GB and is binding upon the heirs, administrator, successors and assigns of Client’s principal. The principal of Client shall give GB immediate notice of transfer of its ownership, cessation of business, filing of bankruptcy or other substantial alteration in the financial status of Client or its principal. This Agreement cannot be amended verbally, and any exceptions or amendments to the Agreement shall be in writing signed by an authorized officer of GB.
  • RULES AND REGULATIONS: Client agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions and any other GB rules or regulations, as amended from time to time, and understands that these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to fees, may be amended from time to time by GB. Client will receive thirty (30) days written notice of any change to these Terms and Conditions. Unless Client gives written notice of termination of this Agreement within that period, Client shall abide by the changed Terms and Conditions.
  • CHANGE IN STATUS AND STAND-BY STATUS: Client may elect, upon seven (7) days prior written notice to GB, to change its status to or from “stand-by” (not accepting barter).
  • DISPUTES: Client shall indemnify and hold GB harmless for any expense, including but not limited to attorneys fees incurred as a result of GB’s relationship with Client, including, but not limited to, any dispute between Client and any other GB Client. This Client Application and Agreement contains the entire agreement between GB and Client.
  • GB has unlimited permission to the AD's and Account you posted in gobarte.in,GB can withheld,delete or modify your AD And Account at any point of Time.
    • In any dispute arising out of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable costs and attorney’s fees whether or not a lawsuit is filed.
    • This Agreement is entered into in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Scottsdale Small Claims Court, Scottsdale Justice Court or Maricopa Country Superior Court, as appropriate, shall have jurisdiction and venue over any action arising out of this Agreement. Arizona law shall govern any such interpretation or dispute.
  • ** All the terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice to the client